It's harvest season, our hat crafters are busy at work replenishing our hats for you.

A Touch of Gold from Mexico

Palmoro Hat Company brings you the finest palm straw hats from the mountains of San Luis Potosí in central Mexico. The high country provides the finest "palma real" — the treasured Moreno Palm — and our craftspeople provide the tradition and personal touch found in every stitch of our hats.

Hats with a Mission

The history of Palmoro Hat Company begins with a man on a mission. Literally.

Legend has it that a missionary visited the Tierra Nueva region of San Luis Potosí in the early 1800s and recognized the riches of the area. The townspeople, looking to lift themselves out of poverty, appealed to the missionary to introduce a craft that would harness the region's natural riches. The man gave the gift of hat making to el gente, and the people made it their own. From this humble beginning, the townspeople began making the signature quality Moreno Palm hats that are now recognized the world over as a treasured symbol of this region. 

By the late 1900s, many traditional hat companies like ours flourished throughout our region. But as the century wore on, globalization decimated many of these workshops. Overseas companies from China and elsewhere flooded the market with inexpensive Verde (Green) Palm and woven paper hats. While the styles were similar to ours, their quality and durability simply cannot match our Moreno Royal Palm. 

A Tradition of Giving Back

Since 1854, the village of Tierra Nueva has been profoundly improved through the craft of fine hat making. We hope to spread that prosperity throughout Central and Latin America through investing our profits in the work of other innovative entrepreneurs. As we grow, a portion of the proceeds from each hat sold will be used to fund micro-grants and micro-loans through programs like the Grameen Foundation.

In the same way that the investment in hat making has transformed our community, our future investments in remote areas will transform villages across our region. All of this is made possible by you. Thank you!

Traditional Craft Means We Care

The hats are more than just a product to us. They signify the time-honored commitment to quality craft and the pleasure of distinctive style that lasts. While our tagline boasts a tradition spanning generations, the real story is the passage of the techniques that give our hats their signature quality and durability. 

We make every hat by using the  Moreno Royal Palm native to the region, sustainably hand-picked and braided by our craftspeople to produce the gorgeous patterns distinctive to our hats. Our experts weave by hand each braid of palm fiber and stitch them together at an ultra-tight ratio of 12 to 15 layers-per-inch. Each hat is then steam-formed and sun-cured to lock in its shape.

The Details Make the Difference

Our Moreno Palm fronds are sustainably harvested from the San Luis Potosí region of Mexico and are made where the leaves are grown. By weaving the fibers in the shadow of the palms, we ensure that the materials retain the fresh and crisp characteristics to create the finest textures. 

The finish of our hats is what truly sets them apart. Whether you prefer the natural palm fiber look or the darker hue of the café variety, you can find a look that suits your style. Our hats are made with your satisfaction in mind. From the colorful bands of the Dama Falda to the braided band of the Truman Vaquero, you can make these hats your own. And with a UPF 50+ sun protection factor, we aim to keep you safe and cool in the sun.

Quality Craft Since 1854

Today, customers all around the globe have experienced the unique feel of Palmoro hats. We have been making straw hats since 1854 and will be continuing our tradition for decades to come. From generation to generation, the artisan's touch makes these hats distinctive and delightful for you, our treasured customers.