Truman Vaquero

Truman Vaquero

Palmoro Hat Company

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A Classic Cowboy Hat for All Seasons

The Truman Vaquero cowboy hat is a classic Stetson-style straw hat, perfect for a day in the hot summer sun or a night at the dance hall doing the Texas two-step. Our four distinctive varieties will complement nearly every outfit you care to wear.

This hat is modeled after the classic "ten gallon" hat, but our craftspeople know the real story. "Ten gallon" derives from the Spanish phrase tan galón, which translates to "so fine." We think this hat will make you look tan galón no matter how you wear it. 


  • 4 1/4" crown
  • 4 1/4" brim
  • Multiple band options including two-tone leather, synthetic, or classic ixtle braid
  • Three crown vents

Gettin' gussied up? Wear your Truman, and be sure to check out the rest of our collection.