It's harvest season, our hat crafters are busy at work replenishing our hats for you.

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Handcrafted Quality Starts with the Best Palm Straw

Harvest time fills our factory with the sweet scent of dry Moreno palm leaves. The trucks roll in brimming with the best palm fronds ready to begin their journey to become legendary Palmoro palm-straw hats. This tradition of harvesting only the best palm fibers began in the early 1800's and continues today.  Each palm frond is carefully split for form delicate palms straw. It is then braided by hand to form the core structure of our hats. By braiding the palm straw it becomes a robust and durable band that can withstand extreme weather and daily abuse. The hand braiding process ensures fine, tight, and consistent quality right down to the individual fibers of our hats.  From there our hat crafters...

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A Unique Partnership Forged Through Friendship and Hats

The tradition of Palmoro Moreno Palm hats goes back to 1854, but our latest expansion has been forged through a unique series of events. In 2004, our region became Sister Cities with Burlington, North Carolina. And then 12 years later during the annual Sister Cities visit in 2016, we formed a collaborative partnership that is today helping expand our business globally. For over 150 years our hats have been available only in Central America. But in 2017, through a new partnership and the creation of Palmoro USA, we have expanded our reach around the globe. Beginning in May of 2016 we began working together to build a modern distribution network that will allow customers to order our hats from just...

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