It's harvest season, our hat crafters are busy at work replenishing our hats for you.

Rugged Durability Meets Everyday Life

Palmoro hats were first crafted for hard-riding cowboys (vaqueros) on the Mexican desert. Their dense palm straw weave provides a solid pool of shade mimicking the refreshing breaks the cowboys enjoyed when resting in palm grove oasis' during their cattle drives. Between those rest bits, the trails were tough and hard. They needed hats that could survive the torture.

That's what lead the Palmoro hat crafters to develop ways to braid palm straw even tighter and sew the layers together closer than they ever had before. The result has become legendary among those on the trails. You feel it from the moment that you first pick up a Palmoro hat. The weight, the heft, the smooth feel of the straw, the stiff brim, all those things are part of what make our hats exceptional. 

Today, you'll find Palmoro hats everywhere. Those legendary qualities have found fans among hikers, bikers, golfers, wine connoisseurs, dog walkers, beach goers, and urban hipsters. There's a perfect Palmoro hat out there for whatever you like to do and it's built to stand up to the tests of time.