It's harvest season, our hat crafters are busy at work replenishing our hats for you.

Handcrafted Quality Starts with the Best Palm Straw

Harvest time fills our factory with the sweet scent of dry Moreno palm leaves. The trucks roll in brimming with the best palm fronds ready to begin their journey to become legendary Palmoro palm-straw hats. This tradition of harvesting only the best palm fibers began in the early 1800's and continues today. 

Each palm frond is carefully split for form delicate palms straw. It is then braided by hand to form the core structure of our hats. By braiding the palm straw it becomes a robust and durable band that can withstand extreme weather and daily abuse. The hand braiding process ensures fine, tight, and consistent quality right down to the individual fibers of our hats. 

From there our hat crafters sew the braids together in a basket style spiral that adds, even more, strength to the hats. This is where our level of craftsmanship really shines. Through finely honed traditional techniques our hat crafters expertly layer the braids with as many as 15 layers per inch. These overlapping layers create the beautiful, smooth, and durable body of our hats. From the first moment that you pick up a Palmoro hat, you can feel the strength and finish that this creates. 

Finally, each hat is hand pressed and steam formed to lock in its perfectly distinctive Palmoro silhouette. From palm to finished hat, we pay attention to every detail to ensure that your Palmoro hat is of the highest quality. Don't settle for less. Other brands try to pass off woven paper or sharp, crunchy green palm straw, but nothing can match the unmistakable feel and expert craftsmanship of a Palmoro palm-straw hat. Try one for yourself today.

Palmoro Moreno palm-straw braids