It's harvest season, our hat crafters are busy at work replenishing our hats for you.

Be a Real Cowboy this Halloween

Skip the cheesy, dinky, and floppy costume store cowboy hats this year. Get yourself a real, authentic, and downright awesome Truman Vaquero from Palmoro. Our hats aren't just like what the cattle drivers wear, they ARE what they wear. Palmoro hats are built tough and made to hold up even when the cattle are having a bad day.

Our Truman Vaquero (cowboy in Spanish), is made from the finest slow-cured Moreno palm straw. Those robust fibers are then tight-braided and sewn with our heavy duty stitching to form a truly amazing hat. Each is finished in one of 3 styles to match exactly what you're looking for.

Go all natural this with raw Moreno in all its shining glory. Tone it down with our suave cafe rubbed hat's lustrous bronze finish. Or split the difference with the unique contrast of our hand-torched burnt version. 

Make this a Halloween to remember, literally. Your Palmoro will be with your for years to come.  What other adventures will you take it on?

Order the best cowboy hat you'll ever own right here.