It's harvest season, our hat crafters are busy at work replenishing our hats for you.

A Unique Partnership Forged Through Friendship and Hats

The tradition of Palmoro Moreno Palm hats goes back to 1854, but our latest expansion has been forged through a unique series of events. In 2004, our region became Sister Cities with Burlington, North Carolina. And then 12 years later during the annual Sister Cities visit in 2016, we formed a collaborative partnership that is today helping expand our business globally. For over 150 years our hats have been available only in Central America. But in 2017, through a new partnership and the creation of Palmoro USA, we have expanded our reach around the globe.

Beginning in May of 2016 we began working together to build a modern distribution network that will allow customers to order our hats from just about anywhere in the world. This partnership is helping us expand the reach of our unique, hand-crafted, traditional hats. Every day more customers are discovering the legendary quality that we craft into every one of our styles. We’re starting with just a few of hats and over the coming months and years, you will be able to order all of our over 50 different varieties of traditional and modern palm straw hats right here from this site.

Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to seeing what adventures your Palmoro hat takes you on.